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 Actualidad del NSS 7.0

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MensajeTema: Actualidad del NSS 7.0   Dom 08 Mayo 2011, 13:44

Sunday, May 8, 2011
May 08, 2011 Updates
Updated front toe, front sway bar and track bar settings to reflect reality. Also changed air pressure settings, have Atlanta locked in. Still need to add pressure changes to all of the other tracks.

Still in the process of moving a-arm ball joints.

Tested some setups at Atlanta, sourced from NASCAR Racing 4, NASCAR Sim Racing and up through iRacing. Trying to figure which platform I should base the default setups off of. Setups in the latter ported over very, very successfully. Leaning towards those as they're stable and reflect "modern" sim racing, though they are far from authentic in a few major key areas.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
May 04, 2011 Updates
Been working on suspension. Glad I have been, as I've been able to find a fix for a specific tire issue. Down side is that it's a tradeoff between realism and stability, but it's an rFactor issue. Maybe rFactor 2 will model a-arms that are actually connected/attached to the spindle and tire hub.

Sorted out some ride height issues. Still a WIP, but close to being done.

I've also tested out both types of setups and both work great. The soft front springs got me within 0.8 seconds of 2nd qualifying last year. Not bad for not even finalizing grip or the tire itself. It mostly tells me that the RPM/torque band is pretty damn realistic.

Burned Out For Tonight
Got a lot done today.

Rear differential torque sorted out. Now, downshifting at short tracks like Martinsville is plain dangerous. Gotta match those RPM's to do it right.

Also worked on the engine file, trying to get the torque/horsepower as close to reality as possible. Still need a bit more work, reducing torque by 25-50% of my current alpha NSS engine file. Very close to finishing that portion of the mod.

NSS 7.0 Mod Testing Soon
I think the suspension side of the mod is just about finished. I have a handful of things to complete and then we'll be ready to begin general physics and tire testing. I'm aiming for May 25th at the latest, hopefully sooner.

Testing will be a mix of online and offline. If you're interested in turning laps and giving feedback, then feel free to send me an email and let me know:


Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Telemetry Tire Loads
Though exhausted, I was able to get a little bit done today. Did some tire research, then I examined telemetry data from both the NSS mod and NR2003. Primarily dynamic: tire loads, left/right/front/rear weight distribution percentages in addition to cross weight calculations. Comparing between the two sims the tire loads are clearly very, very similar at the same places on the track.

While reviewing data in MoTeC, I had some inital concerns about the loading being too high. It's comforting to see those concerns were unnecessary.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Back Online
After some personal issues, I am back online. Still in the process of moving and sorting, but I should now be able to give more timely updates as they come.

Per the mod, I've updated tire sizes to reflect real life. Tire work still continues. With the new aero rebalance, I'll be able quickly get accurate downforce data into the game.

I'm also beginning to think about starting online multiplayer alpha testing with select people.

Sunday, April 3, 2011
April 2011 Update
While my time is pretty tight, work is still coming along with the mod. A couple of key news items:

- Each track has a specific suspension with upper A-Arms balanced for each. Steering arms pitched at proper angle so cars now turn/rotate as they should.

- Aerodynamics are rebalanced to better match the spoiler and splitter combination. Splitter is also locked at 9 inches out per new rules.

- Tires are now, for lack of a better term, 1:1 compared to reality. No more heating issues, more specifically covering up a heating problem to cover up lousy physics and suspension modeling. Even a certain sim that you have to pay for is guilty of doing this.

- Implemented new toe that NASCAR used to get the cars to loosen up. Will get more information on this, but does work as it does in real life.

- With the changes, NASCAR Sim Series mod now supports both types of Cup setups. Old setups (stiff front, soft rear springs), from early 2000's and modeled in NR2003, work as designed. You can, in fact, port over NR2003 setups and they will work flawlessly. New setups work as well (soft front, stiff rear).

Next on the agenda is calculating and adding downforces based upon weather history (altitude and pressure). Will also continue planned tire work
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Actualidad del NSS 7.0
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